Wotja Reflective Music System

Relax, Sleep, Dream, Think, Create, Play

July 1st 2015, UK: Intermorphic Ltd today releases Wotja 2 Reflective Music System for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®. Wotja 2 for iPhone also includes the elegant Wotja Watch App, believed to be the first generative music app for Apple Watch™.

Like to relax? Love music? Wish you could easily make your own beautiful, personal music that is both relaxing AND interesting? You can with Wotja! Just enter an emoji or a name, message, hash tag or other text etc. and it will compose a relaxing tune for you that first plays and then improvises against a selection of calming, ambient generative music backing tracks. It's magical. Put it on and relax, sleep, dream, think, create, play...

If you want to dig a bit deeper and really personalise your wotja, there are plenty of options to play with in Wotja; you can change the player sounds, fx, tempo, generative music backing, melody composition factors and lots more. These capabilities make this app a deceptively powerful, configurable and wonderfully rewarding creativity tool, too.

Wotja 2 includes elegant Wotja Watch App. It lets you play a wotja, shuffle its settings, change the Sleep Timer and even enter emoji or text (via Siri). It also lets you change your wotja's Player, Backing and Tempo as well as its Melody parameters - all from your wrist on a paired Apple Watch!

A wotja can be shared by tweet, facebook, instant message or email as “Wotja URL” (includes any used emoji, but not text or background image) or saved to a Wotja File (includes emoji, text and any background image) that can be emailed. To hear a wotja, install Wotja and then click on this Wotja URL to autoload it into Wotja:

Wotja uses the Intermorphic Generative Music Engine and various generative music techniques, parameters and technologies that it has developed, including "Partikl", the self-contained SF2 Soundfont™ supporting MIDI, sound and fx engine.

Pete Cole and Tim Cole, the Intermorphic founders and brother team said “Wotja 2 is a another big step forward for Wotja, and we simply love playing with the Melody parameters on the Wotja Watch App. Its amazing to think you are controlling how the relaxing music is created!”.

Wotja is released as a universal binary for Apple® iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® and is available on the App Store℠.

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About Intermorphic (press contact):

Intermorphic Ltd develops creativity tools to allow people to "play with ideas". It was co-founded in 2007 by Tim Cole and Pete Cole. The multi BAFTA Award-winning Cole brothers ("the Coles") have a history in music software innovation: they co-founded SSEYO in 1990 and from then to 2001 they created and worked on the "SSEYO Koan Music Engine", a "Generative Music" system used by Brian Eno for his seminal 1996 "Generative Music 1". SSEYO Koan software was available for Windows, Mac and Windows Mobile and in a range of variants from Standalone to Audio Plugin to Web Browser Plugin. Following Tao Group's acquisition of SSEYO in 2001, the Coles created the intent Sound System (iSS) and "SSEYO miniMIXA", one of the world's first mobile music mixers. Intermorphic secured the IP rights to the iSS and SSEYO software in Q2 2008. Since then it has released "Noatikl Generative Music Composer" (the evolution to SSEYO Koan), "Mixtikl Generative Music Mixer", "Liptikl Cut-Up Text Editor", "Tiklbox Relaxing Generative Music" and "Wotja Reflective Generative Music System". Wotja 3 was released in 2016 and also included the Wotja 3 Watch App for Apple Watch™. In February 2017 the massively more powerful Wotja 4 superceeded Wotja 3.


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