Mindful Music

We sometimes use the term "Mindful Music" as an alternative to Reflective Music or "InMo" (In the Moment) music.

Reflective Music in Wotja Flow Mode on phone, tablet and TV

Create Mindful Music with WOTJA, a market leading generative music generator and text-to-music (TTM) system


You get try Wotja for free on: iOS, tvOS, macOS, Windows & Android

Wotja is for: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile | Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV | Apple Watch

How we like to think of Wotja Mindful Music

Beautiful & Relaxing

It's gentle music ideal for relaxation, mindfulness & quiet contemplation.

In the Moment

Being created live on your device it's truly "In the Moment" (InMo) music.

Just for You

It's unique & personal to you because it's different every time you genereate it.

For Everyone

It is easy to make with Wotja and free versions are available for all major OS.

Descriptors: Reflective, mindful, beautiful, ambient, calming, relaxing, cleansing, personal, creative, interesting, left-field, shareable

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