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Before you reach out, please first refer to our Support Policy - thankyou!

If you're asking us for help with Wotja, please update your Wotja rating, and leave a nice review on the App Store - assuming of course that you're happy with Wotja and/or our support! We only ask because it really does mean so much to us!

If you prefer, see also our Social Media accounts. Please note that we do not read or respond to unsolicited CVs or other service proposals.

Genuine support question? Please make sure not to select the first [Spam] option - we don't read it.

Form not working?
If you get an error message, check:
  1. All fields completed correctly
  2. Website Terms box is checked
  3. Captcha is completed correctly!
No reply to something important?

If you've submitted and feel you've not received a reply in a reasonable time (e.g. after say 3-4 working days), it could be:

  1. You sent it using the default [Spam] option in the Area/App drop list (we don't read these)
  2. We have still not yet been able to reply
  3. You've not provided a working email address
  4. Our reply to you has bounced
  5. Your mailbox is full
  6. Our reply is in your spam folder etc.
  7. Our contact form is not working (see below)

Because all the above can happen, we strongly suggest you also provide us an alternative email address (in the body of your comments).

If you had expected a reply and have still not heard from us, then please contact us via our Social Media accounts. Once we have seen your message we can investigate where the issue lies.

If you've checked the Website Terms box and the contact form is still not working then as a last resort please email .