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Wotja Pro 2017 Transition Bundle 3 at the App Store

iOS Wotja Pro 2017 Transition Bundle 3 (available for a limited time) comprises:

If you previously purchased any of our paid for iOS apps or bundles that included Noatikl 3, Mixtikl 7 or Liptikl 2 then the "Wotja Pro 2017 Transition Bundle 3" might be for you.

You may be considering whether or not to transition to Wotja Pro 2017 for iOS, a *non-subscription version* of Wotja. This feature comparision might help you decide if you do want to transition. If you do wish to, then you can save through Apple's "Complete My Bundle" option.

Wotja Pro 2017 for iOS has the same features and capabilities as the free Wotja subscription version with PRO tier active. It will be updated in tandem with the subscription version up until the end of 2017 after which time it will no longer be updated. If you want further updates after that you would need to purchase the *next* non-subscription version or simply get the subscription version and purchase the IAP level that suits you (you could do that anyhow, of course).

The Noatikl 3, Mixtikl 7 and Liptikl 2 for iOS apps in this bundle will see no further updates; they have to remain for sale so we can make this transition bundle available for sale (it is an Apple thing).

How much can I save?

The way "Complete My Bundle"? works is that it credits you for any apps you've already purchased within that bundle (i.e. for the actual amount you have already paid for apps that feature in the bundle), so that you only pay the balance for the remaining apps in that bundle.

The "Wotja Pro 2017 Transition Bundle 3" has the same price as "Wotja Pro 2017" which means if you are a past bundle customer and use "Complete My Bundle" then you should be able to transition to Wotja Pro 2017 for somewhere between $3 to $14, depending on what bundle you might have purchased and when. If you purchased any of the above apps singly then it would be a bit more than this. See the worked example, below.

Note 1: In order to use "Complete My Bundle" you must be:

  • Logged into your iTunes account.
  • The iTunes account must be the same iTunes account (including country) from which you originally purchased the apps.
  • You must have purchased at least one of the apps (apps downloaded via promo codes do not count because they were not paid for).

Note 2: App Bundles give discounts on the purchase of *the apps that are in the bundle*, and this can include purchases via previous bundles. Noatikl 3, Mixtikl 7 and Liptikl 2 are fullgrade apps (meaning they are not upgrades), so past purchases of Noatikl 2 or Mixtikl 6 do not count towards "Complete My Bundle".

Note 3: If you don't see a Complete My Bundle option, or the price for it is more than you would expect, it is possible you purchased one of the apps in the bundle when it was on special offer, and thus the remaining balance is higher.

Note 4: See also the "Apple iTunes Complete My Bundle FAQ".

Complete My Bundle - Worked Example

As we mentioned above, the way "Complete My Bundle" works is that it adds up what you actually spent on the apps that are in the new bundle and then in effect credits you for those against the new bundle price ($24.99).

So, say you purchased a 4 app bundle that included NT3 ($9.99), MT7 ($7.99), LT2 ($4.99) and WJ3 ($3.99). Separately the apps would have been $26.96, but you got them all in a bundle for $19.99 meaning an effective discount of 25.85% on each app in the bundle (i.e. you paid 74.15% of the regular price for each one).

Note: The prices are real examples but app and bundle prices have changed over time so what you paid may be different.

Take the 3 apps that are in the new bundle (NT3, MT7, LT2) and add together what they actually cost you (i.e. $9.99 + $7.99 + $4.99) * 74.15% = $17.03.

Then this is what you are credited for against the new bundle which is $24.99.

So, in the above example you would expect to pay $24.99 - $17.03 = $7.96 and the "Buy Bundle" button should show $7.96 as as the Complete My Bundle price.

The image below is for a similar (but not exactly the same) use case. Note the blue "Buy Bundle" button, and that apps you have previously purchased do not show a price.

IMPORTANT: If instead you see a grey "Buy Bundle" button with text below it of "App Bundle" and "Purchased Separately" then it likely means that either you are not signed into your iTunes account or iTunes, for some reason, is not recognising your past purchases. To see a list of all purchased apps and how much you paid see iTunes > Account > View my Account > Purchase History See All. If you are logged into the right iTunes account then try restarting your Mac - if that does not work you may need to contact Apple.