Timothy Didymus Summer Installations

22nd Aug 2014 by Tim Cole

Didymus Harmonica

August to September 2014

There are 3 new Timothy Didymus generative music installations coming up - be sure to try to get to one if you can! He is using MIDI note information generated from Noatikl for a piece called Harmonica Automata. Noatikl will be driving his hand built midi-controlled chromatic Glass Harmonica automata live.

Check out a a video of the Glass Harmonica sound installation: http://youtu.be/NNwBr6wAyaA.

Check out a recording of his Glass Harmonica on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/didymus/glaz-ouija.

Timothy is an accomplished generative musician. Back in 1995-7 he used Koan Pro to create the generative music pieces in Float.

Timothy Didymus Glass Harmonica

30th August: WTF 2014 Festival, Falmer UK

Tickets: By invitation only (see link below)

Gig Info: http://wtf2014.beatabet.net/WTF2014.html

Sept 13th: Newhaven Fort, Newhaven, UK

Tickets: These have unfortunately already sold out!

Gig Info: http://fortprocess.co.uk/

Post Event Review: The Quietus

26th-27th September: Continual Tones, Ashburton, Devon UK

Tickets: Free: No tickets required!

Gig Info: http://ashburton-art-festival.squarespace.com/, info@ashburtonartfestival.org

Hot news: The BBC interviewed Timothy at the event about the Glass Harmonica. Listen to the interview at the bottom of Ashburton Festival page.