Wotja 4 Release History

Wotja 4 is now retired. There is a new, even more powerful version. Get the latest Wotja now!

30th November 2017: V4.15.1 (FINAL UPATE)

  • macOS/IOS
    • Minor bug fixes

6th November 2017: V4.15.0

  • macOS/IOS
    • Mute button behaviour now shows different state when another track is soloing
    • Track Mixer pop-up menu now shows which option is selected
    • Cut-Up tab "Sources/Word Lock" blue button now shows the currenty selected option
    • Reinstated playlist elapsed time which had gone missing
    • Cell Info panel "Harmonize" switch status now stored
    • Other bug fixes
  • macOS
    • Notification reminder for Safari App Extension now only shown once

30th October 2017: V4.14.2

  • This is a bug fix release.

17th October 2017: V4.14.1

  • macOS/IOS
    • Fixed bugs in Cut-Up rule editor editing and detailed info text display
    • Other fixes

V4.14.0 - 17th October 2017

  • macOS/IOS
    • Improved: Rewritten "ITE" text engine (performance, stability)
    • Improved: New "Send Patch Change Events" MIDI Output option in Settings
    • Bug fixes

6th October 2017: V4.13.2

  • IOS
    • Improved: Added Wotja Track virtual MIDI ports (used to be emitted for Mixtikl)
  • macOS
    • Fixed: Crash when no iCloud folder
    • Fixed: Cell white text issues
    • Improved: Added Wotja Track virtual MIDI ports (used to be emitted for Mixtikl)

4th October 2017: V4.13.1

  • IOS
    • Fixed: Audiobus remote control "Play/Stop" button now works (thanks for the heads up Tobias)
    • Fixed: Various content cell display updating issues
    • Fixed: "Random" toolbar button now turns fuschia colour when sticky
    • Fixed: Settings screen store and information labels were missing accessibility labels
    • Other minor fixes
  • macOS
    • Fixed: Various content cell display updating issues
    • Fixed: "Random" toolbar button now turns fuschia colour when sticky

2nd October 2017: V4.13.0

  • macOS
    • This is a MAJOR upgrade that gives Wotja for macOS comparable functionality to Wotja for iOS - existing Wotja for macOS subscribers benefit from this major upgrade at no extra cost! Wotja for macOS now embodies the future for Noatikl and Mixtikl for macOS, and those apps will be removed from sale on or before the end of 2017.
    • Previously available functionality is still included (i.e. Cut-Up editor), but we have added a host of extra generative music editing capabilities e.g. full editors for the Intermorphic Music Engine and Intermorphic Sound Engine. The app also now includes playlist editing, Display screen configuration and two included generative albums "Relax" and "Calm".
    • NB: We made far faster progress in bringing the macOS version into line with the iOS version than we dared hope, meaning we decided we could release it this year instead of waiting until 2018 (there will of course be further developments in 2018).
    • NBB: As we are working hard to bring the iOS and macOS apps into line, the Free Mode limitations in place for Wotja for iOS are henceforth being used for Wotja for macOS.
    • See the press release: https://intermorphic.com/news/pressReleases/171002-Wotja-for-macOS-now-a-full-Generative-Music-Authoring-System.html
  • IOS
    • This update keeps things in sync with massive update to Wotja for macOS :)
      • Removed display of redundant Generative Piece Time params (use Generative Bars/Range for this)
      • Fixed Reverb unit (Combs/Filters sliders)
      • Transparency added to the Wotja icon in Display (Full Screen)
      • Improvements made for display on iPhone X
      • Other minor fixes

22nd September 2017: V4.12.6

  • This is an bug fix release.

19th September 2017: V4.12.0

    • Added support for iOS 11 (iOS 10 is still supported of course!)
    • Added back access to the missing Mix Root and Cell Meter parameters
    • New slider control now in Sound/FX units, Voice parameter editor and Randomisation Settings screen
    • Voice screen voice-selector page control is now a button driving a pop-up selection menu
    • Several selector screens now use standard popup alerts
    • Top panel in envelope editor now displays full screen when not in macro mode
    • Fixed bug where EQ Base Freq wasn't restored properly after edit
    • Squashed some more bugs

31st August 2017: V4.11.3

    • Improved: For easier access to Piece Settings the "Piece" button has been removed from the Network panel and the Piece settings moved to the Cell Rules panel; these settings include the Generative Piece Rules and Generative Piece Time parameters
    • Minor stability update
    • Minor stability update & bug fixes

29th August 2017: V4.11.2

    • Improved: Pak loops can now be in 24-bit format
    • Improved: Mix Tempo, Root, Ramp Up/Down settings and Playlist Duration settings are now shown at the bottom of the Rules panel making it easier to access these in a loop mix
    • Improved: Network view "Piece" button loses "Mix" text (see above) and now provides access to only Piece settings.

23rd August 2017: V4.11.0

    • Fixed: Several potential crashers when using loops
    • Fixed: Issue with audio breakup when previewing loops
    • Fixed: Crash when pressing Store button in the mix timeout pop-up menu (Wotja Free only)
    • Fixed: Crash when encountering invalid MIDI input data
    • Improved: Double tapping on Mix tempo slider no longer momentarily stops loops from playing
    • Various other bug fixes
    • Minor bug fixes

21st August 2017: V4.10.1

    • FIXED: Issue with some selector screens appearing empty (Voice/Piece parameters) (sorry!)
    • Minor bug fixes
    • To keep consistent with the iOS version we simplified the naming of our In-App Subscription tiers (no changes to capabilities): Was: "Wotja (Unlocked)", Now: "Wotja"; Was: "Wotja XT 8h", Now: "Wotja XT1"; Was "Wotja XT 1d", Now: "Wotja XT2"; Was "Wotja XT 7d", Now: "Wotja XT3"

8th August 2017: V4.10.0

    • Added a new "Single Cell" display mode (shown as one of the app images); for those familiar with "Noatikl" it allows you to focus on just one cell / template when editing.
    • "Multi Cell" [grid] and "Single Column" display modes are still included and all 3 are accessed via what was the right hand collapse/expand button (now called the Mix Display Mode button)
    • Added a link to our new Video Tutorials in Settings > Info; these are short tutorials that should help you get going in Wotja
    • Simplified the naming of our In-App Subscription tiers (no changes to capabilities): Was: Wotja (Unlocked), Now: Wotja; Was: Wotja XT 8h, Now: Wotja XT1; Was Wotja XT 1d, Now: Wotja XT2; Was Wotja XT 7d, Now: Wotja XT3
    • Related to the above naming simplification, the User Guide nows refer to "Free Use" Limitations rather than "Free Mode" Restrictions
    • Various bug fixes

11th July 2017: V4.9.0

    • 10 gorgeous new "Ambience" templates in new default Pak called "WJ4 BP2 Backings"
    • Updated "IM Synths" SF2 Wavetable with 10 new sounds in bank 3 (1.3 - 10.3)
    • When Randomising mixes (Settings > Random) Noatikl files exported from Wotja can now be selected as TTM templates (Files > Pak > Saved Files) if they are prefaced with "TTM", e.g. ttm_my_file.noatikl
    • Audio Latency Rate can now be adjusted via a slider (Settings > Mix)
    • "Wotja Pro 2017" is now called "Wotja 2017"; there are no changes to features (i.e. Music Play Time remains up to 8hr 53m) and it is still a paid for app with no In-App Store and no In-App Subscription, but we are changing the name now to better fit with what the non-subscription version will be in 2018 - namely a paid for version with the same capabilities as the subscription version with "Wotja" In-App Subscription.
    • Refreshed the "WJ4 TTM Players" default Pak with much improved sound patches; this is now used as a default when new random mixes are created
    • Fixed the MIDI In bug and Listening Voices should work again (sorry!)
    • If when randomising a cell's contents the template added is a TTM template, the TTM text used by that template is now randomised, too (Settings > Random)
    • A couple of small tweaks to the existing Backings Pak now called "WJ4 BP1 Backings", still a default Pak
    • The old "WJ4 TTM Players" pak is still included so that content based on it still works fine, but it is now called "WJ4 TTM Players 4.0-8" and is only shown in the Templates list if "Show Older?" toggle is on
    • In Wotja we now consistently use the term "Free Mode" for features that are restricted when there is no active In-App Subscription
    • To keep it in sync with Wotja for iOS, the macOS version includes all the related V4.9.0 "under the hood" content related additions such as 10 gorgeous new "Ambience" templates and improved sound patches, these being drawn upon when new random mixes are created
    • In Wotja we now consistently use the term "Free Mode" for features that are restricted when there is no active In-App Subscription
    • Wotja now allows 3 day FREE TRIAL of a "Wotja" tier In-App Subscription (below), meaning there is a way to give Wotja an in depth evaluation without the Free Use limitations! We are trying this ourselves and will see how it goes! How to get it? See: https://intermorphic.com/wotja/#faq-freetrial
    • Wotja In-App Subscription tiers modified to include new specialist use "XT" tiers that allow extension of the Music Play Time up to 7 days (features/capabilities for customers with existing subscription tiers are either the same or better; Essentials = "Wotja", Pro = "Wotja XT1"). Who are they for? See: https://intermorphic.com/wotja/#faq-xt-extensions

28th June 2017: V4.8.1

  • Minor bug fix release

23rd June 2017: V4.8.0

    • Recordings of over 100 bars now possible via a new "Max Bars" Settings control
    • Mix tab "Network Panel" selector button moved to first in the group of 4 as this panel provides the quickest access to the editors for a cell's generators, sounds and FX
    • Mix tab and Cut-Up tab positions swapped to better suit most user's work flow
    • Menu bar "Action" button now in a consistent position for all main tab screens
    • Audio and MIDI recordings now listed under their respective tabs in Mixdown & Recording view
    • Audio Mixdowns now use the Mix level Ramp Up / Down values (Network Panel > Piece/Mix button)
    • For better clarity toggles now use the standard iOS colouring (e.g. green when on)
    • Mix tab Randomisation options now all grouped under the "Randomise" (Dice) button (some used to be in Toolbox)
    • Template Pak and Content tag selection can now always be accessed via Settings > Random > Templates for Randomization
    • Revised order of items in Files > Create New to reflect the revised tab ordering
    • Mix tab "Mixer" button now defaults to Track mixer and the state is saved
    • Locked words in the Cut-Up tab Create screen are now blue instead of bright red
    • Mixdown recording progress is now shown in the title area
    • Fixed: A template does not autoplay when entering the Template list; tap one to preview it
    • Other bug fixes
    • Locked words are now blue instead of bright red
    • Now plays at 48 kHz

5th June 2017: V4.7.1

    • Fixed crash in ISE SND/FX Network Editor when tapping on the bottom Action button and selecting "Open".
    • Fixed issue in ISE SND/FX Network editor where "Select Unit to Add" pop-up menu in FX network editor was unreliable on iPad
    • Fixed issue preventing dismissal of Email pop-up screen for sending Wotja mix on iPad
    • Other minor bug fixes

3rd June 2017: V4.7.0

    • Added support for Audiobus 3 audio routing
    • On iPhone 6S and later Wotja now runs at 48 kHz / 24 kHz (toggle in Settings); this is to match the underlying audio hardware rate
    • Note: The Audiobus Latency Control setting will likely need to be set to 1024 frames. We make the same recommendation if using AudioShare or other external audio recording app. When using Audiobus 3 in e.g. AudioShare, you need to select an Audiobus Intermediate Out channel, e.g. 0.
    • Fixed: Latency stepper was not visible in Dark mode

25th May 2017: V4.6.6

    • Fixed a crash related to changing Cell Rules (sorry!)

22nd May 2017: V4.6.5

  • IOS
    • "Create New" pop up menu option names changed to: Cut-up Text; Music Mix (automatic); Music Mix (manual); Play List
    • Bug fixes
  • macOS
    • Bug fixes

16th May 2017: V4.6.0

    • Mixdown & Recordings screen.
    • Set the number of bars (1-100) you want to record and make 44KHz stereo WAV or MIDI mixdown recordings (PRO tier feature).
    • Recordings can be previewed in the "Mixdown & Recordings" screen.
    • Recordings are saved to the Wotja iCloud folder or Wotja folder depending on the "Use iCloud" setting (iOS > Settings > Wotja > Use iCloud)
    • Note: Mixdown recordings are not live recordings and they are made as fast as your device allows. To be made they require sufficient device memory to be available.
    • Fixed issue introduced in 4.5 related to create playlist file.
    • Fixed Play/Stop issue for VoiceOver users.
    • Minor bug fixes.

1st May 2017: V4.5.0

    • Dark mode color theme (Settings > Color Theme)
    • Greatly improved the (default) Light mode colour theme.
    • Fixed the issue with Play/Stop button disappearing on occasion (oops, sorry!)
    • Made the ISE EQ, LFO and Amp icons a little lighter as we now use black text on them.
    • Added a Files icon to the Settings screen accessed from the Settings tab.
    • Added a new "Voices" button to the top of the Network panel to take you to the Voice parameter editing screen.
    • Improved display in the Cut-ups section.
    • Several bug fixes.

25th April 2017: V4.4.0

    • Wotja for Apple Watch returns!
    • The new Apple Watch app is much simpler than before, and this time the focus is around playing/stopping the currently open Wotja mix or playlist or creating a random mix based on Wotja's mix randomisation settings (3D Touch menu).
    • There are now only 3 core Tab views: Cut-Up - for creating cut-up, Mix - for creating generative music mixes and Display - for setting how a Wotja is displayed. Parameters previously accessed via a Piece tab are now accessed via the Piece/Mix button in the Network panel; Parameters previously accessed via a Voice tab are now accessed by tapping on the relevant voice in the Network panel.
    • Play/Stop button: now in the bottom tab bar making it accessible from every screen; playing time is displayed below it.
    • Settings button: now in the bottom tab bar making it accessible from every screen and now includes access to Mix Randomisation settings.
    • Mix Tab: We decluttered the UI by finding solutions that let us remove the bottom toolbar and top status bar.
    • Mix Tab: Voice and Track mixing segments in the top RHS panel selector have been combined into one allowing the RHS Panel expander button to be moved next to the panel selector.
    • Mix Tab: A selected cell is now indicated with a cell border; tap a selected cell to display the Template selector.
    • Mix Tab: The Tools button has been moved to the top Menu bar which now includes a handy button for mix randomisation.
    • Bug fixes.

14th April 2017: V4.3.0

    • Syllables: The rule format has been extended to allow specifying how many syllables you want in a line; this is great for creating Haiku (which are 3 line poems with 5,7,5 syllables) as well as lyric ideas perhaps to fit to a number of notes.
    • The rule format now supports value ranges for word and syllables and also naming of rules.
    • A new rule editor is included that makes it easier to create new rules and modify existing ones.
    • A new (non-editable) Wotja Word Database is included which can be selected instead of the user editable Wotja Word Bank and helps come up with some more unusual word combinations. You can configure this using the new controls in the Library screen (get to it by pressing the button to the left of the slider in the main cut-up screen).
    • A new "Sources Only" cut-up mode that analyses the structure of the Sources text and lets you create cut-up with a more natural feel; in this mode the cut-up is created from Sources ONLY and it uses the active rule (ignoring syllables) but EOL rhyming and word locks are ignored. You can select this using the new button to the left of the main "Cut-Up" button.
    • Revised the "Create New" menu items to make it MUCH easier to get going right away. *Wotja Cut-Up* - create a new cut-up without music (you can create a mix later if you want); *Wotja Mix (automatic)* - create a new random mix based on the Randomisation Settings without having to go via the Templates dialog; *Wotja Mix (manual)* - create a mix the old way where you can manually select a file or use a random selection from the tagged paks;* Wotja List (playlist)* - as before.
    • Renamed the "Words" tab to "Cut-Up" and moved it to be the first tab.
    • Renamed the "Design" tab to "Mix".
    • Changed the icon for Mix and Voices tab.
    • In the "Cut-Up" tab renamed the "Cut-Ups" section to "Saved".
    • In Cut-Up Create panel added a new Lock All/Unlock All action menu item.
    • When exporting a cut-up to a tweet, allow the background image in the Wotja file (if any) to be appended to the tweet; the cut-up text can be "baked into" the image if the Display > Text setting is set to "Show Text from Cut-Up"; this is great fun for making and sharing Haiku!
    • Cut-Up character counter now also shows syllables used in each line.
    • Added new "Haiku" rule to the included default cut-up rules.
    • A blank line can now be added to a cut-up by setting the line rule to 0.
    • Bug fixes.
    • To use common terminology in both iOS and macOS versions we renamed the 3 panels to be "Cut-Up - Sources", "Cut-Up - Create" and "Cut-Up - Saved".
    • In Cut-Up Create panel added new right click Lock all words/Unlock all words menu items.
    • Cut-Up character counter now also shows syllables used in each line.
    • Added new "Haiku" rule to the included default cut-up rules.
    • A blank line can now be added to a cut-up by setting the line rule to 0.
    • Bug fixes.

24th March 2017: V4.2.1

    • Fixed a couple of potential crashers
    • Fixed potential issue in correctly loading files created with Wotja for macOS
    • Words tab Create screen "cut-up" button press now required for cut-up in new file
    • Now uses correct Liptikl icon for old Liptikl files
    • Fixed several minor bugs

16th March 2017: V4.2.0

    • The Cut-Up Text Editor app that was branded Liptikl 2 for iOS is now fully integrated into Wotja and accessible via a new "Words" tab. It can be useful for helping to break "Writer's Block" and is a great fit for the reflective music that Wotja creates. Amongst many other things it can randomly select words drawn from a word pool comprising up to 5 different bodies of text and/or an editable User Word Library and/or an editable Wotja Word Bank. Of the cut-up it creates, it lets you lock words you want to keep before you randomise again and lets you select on-screen cut-up alternatives to quickly change single words. See the updated Wotja User Guide.
    • The 3 Cut-Up sub-views (Sources, Create, Cut-ups) are selected via a segment control at the top in the Words tab.
    • Wotja can open Liptikl files (for it to find them just copy them to your Wotja iCloud folder) but an *active subscription tier is required for the Liptikl File data to be utilised or resaved*.
    • Liptikl files display with special red icon until resaved.
    • Once resaved as a Wotja file, the thumbnail shows the cut-up text in red on a white background (i.e. the standard Liptikl colour scheme) meaning they will start-off look pretty much as they did in Liptikl for iOS.
    • When a new Random Mix is created any TTM voice can now be populated with random words coming from the user-editable Wotja Word Bank, the number of words being added determined by two new Randomization properties found in Randomisation Settings.
    • The TTM Text Editor (Voices > TTM > Text) now includes a powerful Randomise facility that lets you either Shuffle Words (those already there), Shuffle Text (jumble up the characters) or populate with new Random Words, these being selected by the ITE from a word pool consisting of the user-editable Wotja Word Bank and any Sources or optional Word Library you might have configured for that file.
    • Design tab moved to far left and Display tab moved to far right.
    • Now we've included Words tab for the Cut-Up Editor, the TTM icon in Design Screen panel selector has been changed to better represent TTM (Text to Music).
    • So you can set what text is shown in the File thumbnail we changed the "Text" button in the Display Tab to display a pop up menu: "Show Text from TTM Voices", "Show Text from Words" and "Change Text Color". When "Show Text from TTM Voices" is selected, you can prevent that text from displaying in Voices > TTM > Display.
    • To make it easier to create interesting new mixes right from the off, the Templates screen "Random?" toggle defaults to on for a new installation and with Paks "WJ4 TTM Players" and "WJ4 Gen Backings" selected.
    • The Cut-Up Text Editor app that was branded Liptikl 2 for macOS is now fully integrated into Wotja for macOS. It can be useful for helping to break "Writer's Block" and is a great fit for the reflective music that Wotja creates. See the updated Wotja User Guide.
    • Wotja can open Liptikl files (for it to find them just copy them to your Wotja iCloud folder) but an *active subscription tier is required to resave the Words data*.
    • You can quickly create a random Wotja music mix by pressing the "Music" button. Notes: 1) Wotja for macOS provides no access to any parameter settings and does not let you see or edit the mix that is created (you would need to use Wotja for iOS to do that). 2) Any underlying TTM voice is populated with random words coming from the user-editable Wotja Word Bank. 3) The mix data that is saved to the Wotja file depends on your IAP tier in the same way as in Wotja for iOS.
    • Wotja Pro 2017 is for those who are not fans of a subscription model.

10th March 2017: V4.1.3

    • Replaced the old-style "Tiklbox Album Player" with the new style "List Player" (Files Screen > Albums > Play album) and updated the included Calm and Relax albums
    • Play list files (.wotjabox, .wotjalist and included Albums) now autoplay when opened
    • Changing Playlist mode from sequence to random now starts play with a random file from the playlist
    • Wavetable Unit now displays the small "IM Calm" wavetable (used in Relax and Calm albums)
    • A zipped "Pak" can now include Wotja Box (.wotjabox) files
    • Sleep Timer control in Settings uses new IM slider control

7th March 2017: V4.1.0

    • Create a .wotjalist playlist of your Wotja mixes and/or Noatikl and/or Mixtikl files
    • Export your playlist as a .wotjabox file* that you can share as an email attachment or embed in a webpage as a Wotja URL
    • Add a cover image as a thumbnail for your playlist/album
    • ISE can now be turned off in Settings
    • Mix/Track FX settings now saved correctly
    • Fixed crash when changing LFO STS Square/Slant sliders
    • IAA and Audiobus now working again (sorry!)
    • Other bug fixes
    • New-style slider (now used in even more screens) allows tap left/right to increment/decrement value by 1; double tap to access the Edit screen; less jitter; better tap/drag behaviour
    • New-style slider has better accessibility for Voiceover users including: Double-tap slider and hold to let you slide the value; Triple-tap slider to display the Edit screen
    • Other accessibility improvements

27th February 2017: V4.0.2

  • iOS
    • Minor bug fixes

20th February 2017: V4.0.1

  • iOS
    • Minor bug fixes

16th February 2017: V4.0.0 - MAJOR NEW RELEASE

  • In Wotja 4 we have now already consolidated some of the best aspects of Noatikl, Mixtikl and Tiklbox and it represents the next stage of evolution for all our iOS music apps.
  • Updated Apps:
    • Wotja (iOS)
  • New App:
    • Wotja (macOS)
  • What's New:
    • Too much to list, see the features table, here: https://intermorphic.com/archive/app/wotja/4/guide