Wotja: How to use the device camera for a video feed (2 mins)

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With Wotja 21+ it is easy to create a live audio-visual video feed for a big screen experience. Simply use Wotja to create/play some generative music, use your device camera (iOS/Windows only) for the Wotja screen background and then screen mirror to a TV. You can even screen record to a video instead, if you prefer.

This approach makes it easy to create, in one go, a live or recorded nature video feed with background music - even use a bit of Text to Speech (iOS) if you want (as I did at the start)!

This video is just a quick example to show you how to do it - see what you can do!

Easy Steps:
  1. Play a flow, playlist or album or mix in Display Edit Mode (Flow Player; Playlist/Album Player; Mix Display Edit Mode
  2. Tap the top Action button and select "Full Screen with Camera Background" (iOS/Windows only) - see 48 seconds into the video.
  3. Screen Mirroring:
    • iOS/macOS: Open Control Centre, select Screen Mirroring and select an Apple TV
    • Windows/Android: Use a 3rd Party screen mirroring app
  4. Screen Recording:
    • iOS: Open Control Centre, select Screen Recorder and tap Start Recording (stop when you are done)
    • macOS/Windows/Android: Use a 3rd Party screen recorder
Other Notes:

You can easily adjust the Wotja output volume using the ISE Volume setting.

Want to check out the Wotja mix file used in this tutorial?
  1. Get Wotja 21+.
  2. Download the mix file from here.
  3. See the instructions in how to Share.