How to Play a 'Wotja'

See below for "How to Share a 'Wotja'"

A 'Wotja' is the mix file you create in Wotja. These are easy to both play and share! See for some examples that include images.

Notes: Requires Wotja 20.2.1+ (Get Wotja Now!). When you have opened the Wotja mix simply press play if it does not auto-start.

A) Play from WJURL [ Demo link]

'WJURL' is a Wotja embedded in a web link

  • iOS: Tap on link; Select "Open in Wotja" to copy it to Wotja; Mix auto-opens.
  • macOS: Tap on link; In pop-up menu allow page to open in Wotja; Mix auto-opens.
  • Windows: Right click on link (Not Edge); Select "Copy Link Location" (Firefox) or "Copy Link Address" (Chrome); Open Wotja; In Documents select "Add New > Mix (from Clipboard)"; Mix auto-opens.
  • Android: Tap/hold on link; Select "Copy Link Address"; Open Wotja; In Documents screen select "Add New > Mix (from Clipboard)"; Mix auto-opens.

More Examples to try!

B) Download and Play [ Demo file]

Wotja mixes are downloaded as .skd files

  • iOS: Download file; Find it in iCloud Downloads; Tap on it and it auto-opens in Wotja (Alt: Select it, then "Action > Open in Wotja").
  • macOS: Download file; Find it; double tap on it to Open in Wotja (Alt: Right click on it; Select "Open With..."; Choose Wotja).
  • Windows: Download file; Find it and move it to your Wotja Folder; Open Wotja & refresh Documents; Tap on mix to open it.
  • Android: Download file; Find in Downloads; Using a File Manager move it to your Wotja Folder (e.g. Local > SD Card > Wotja); Open Wotja & refresh Documents; Tap on mix to open it.

More Examples to try!

C) Play from email attachment

Wotja files can easily be attached to emails

  • iOS: Tap on the .wotja file attachment; Select "Copy to Wotja"; Wotja will load, the file will be copied to Wotja Documents and will then auto-opens after a few seconds.
  • macOS: Right click on the .wotja file attachment; Select "Open with..."; Choose Wotja.
  • Windows: TBA
  • Android: TBA

How to Share a 'Wotja'

See above for "How to Play a 'Wotja'"

Wotja is a totally unique & powerful Generative Music Creator, Lab & Player System for all the major OS. As it continues to evolve, what you can make with it is becoming an art form it its own right. If you have the bug to create and share things in Wotja for others to hear, enjoy or even learn from, then this section will tell you how to do it.

You might be a composer, creator, noodler, experimenter or even a generative music artist. You'll know that half the fun of creating something is letting others enjoy it as intended. When it comes to generative music and art that means experiencing it "live". You could of course share an audio, MIDI or video recording of it but that's just not the same...

What can you share?

Any Wotja mix that you have created (or you have permission to share)! It could be auto-generated or could be completely custom, using multi-cell mixes, custom IME parameter and rule settings, custom ISE sound and FX networks, cut-up text for Text-to-Music, animated background or a custom image and even include Wotja Script. It's up to you, be as experimental as you like!

The free version is both a creator and player so why not get Wotja now, create a Wotja mix, and share it - it's easy! Go on!


Notes: Requires Wotja 20.2.1+ (Get Wotja Now!); Wotja Box file file support is coming later.

  1. Create a Wotja mix file (.wotja)
  2. To share as an email attachment:
    • Just attach the .wotja file to your email.
  3. To share in a webpage as a file download:
    • Change the file extension of your .wotja file to .skd (e.g. change mywotja.wotja to mywotja.skd).
    • Upload that .skd file to your website
    • Link to it in a webpage as e.g. <a href="mywotja.skd">Name of your file</a>.
  4. To share in webpage link for direct loading:
    • From any Mix Music mode export select A) "Action > Export with Image" or B) "Action > Export to Clipboard"
      • This exports it to the clipboard as a Wotja URL ('WJURL') A) with a background picture or animation or B) without either
      • WJURLs are text files that start with wotja://. They are really a kind of deep link and can be just a few kilobytes (unless you include a background image).
      • The WJURL text includes all the IME and ISE settings, text, script and rules etc. required by Wotja to play your mix or box and generate its music. It can also include a background image if you have used one but it does not include any custom audio data such as SF2 or Loops.
      • Tip: Wotja mix files that include a background image and that you "Export with Image" will create large WJURLs. You might wish to share such files as downloadable files rather than as embedded WJURLS - but that is up to you, too.
    • Paste the text into a weblink (<a href="paste-your-WJURL-here">Name of your file</a>).
  5. If you get stuck, see the examples provided above

Advanced: If your Wotja file or WJURL references content in an add-on Pak then, provided that Pak is located in the Wotja folder on your listener's device then it will play as expected.