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Make Background Music, Royalty Free

Mixtikl is quite possibly the most advanced generative music & audio loop mixer app there is.

Users say: "the premier generative music app", "highly inspiring", "musical antidote to every other synth and DAW I've ever used", "works on so many levels." More in Reviews.

Computer Music Magazine said Mixtikl's end results are "in a class of their own when it comes to generative music”. More in Reviews.

Now would be a good time to check out the 30 second videos.


It's a dedicated, integrated & powerful multi-platform generative music editor, mixer, arranger and cell sequencer; and it includes the Partikl Sound Engine, a powerful, advanced and modular synth with live FX and support for Soundfonts (SF2).

Use it for fun, or to to generate high quality, user-customisable, royalty free background music from ambient (relaxation / drone / sleep / meditation etc.) right through to more intense melodic and beat-based mashups.

No musical knowledge is required, but as a serious and deep tool it's also ideal for amateur musicians to composers. That said, as with any power tool, the more you learn about it and how to use it, the more you can get out of it and do with it!

What's new in Mixtikl 6

Why get Mixtikl

Because with it you can:

  • Create royalty free music / soundscapes / background music for use in e.g. videos, films
  • Mix your own custom ambient / drone / sleep / EDM music & generative music etc.
  • Mix both WAV & Ogg audio loops & generative music
  • Use tap-play to give interesting generative ambient performances
  • Record the output to audio or music events to MIDI
  • Learn about making generative music and explore modular sound synthesis
  • Tweet your custom mixes and even include words
  • Add in pieces you've created with Noatikl
  • Create / share / edit mixes for use in other versions of Mixtikl 6

* Refer to relevant EULAs / restrictions for any Tiklpak or 3rd party content used

... and of course because it's unique!

How it works

Simply add some of the > 380 included generative music templates to a mix and press play. Change the mix tempo/root to have the music time stretched and/or pitch shifted to suit. Change the sounds and apply/change Live FX etc. Each content cell can be looped, sequenced or triggered (and a lot more customisation besides!) so that you can have content playing together.

For in depth information on operation see the Mixtikl User Guide and also refer to the PSE User Guide concerning the customisation of modular synth sounds & FX.

Why Generative Music?

Generative Music is "endless music created by a system". People want to explore it for a whole host of reasons - from wanting to break creative block to an urge to try something different; from pure musical curiosity to wanting to create endless music with a system; from reading about it to - well, you will have your own reasons!

Mixtikl's roots

In 1997 (yes, over 17 years ago!) and whilst at SSEYO, we released SSEYO Koan X, our first drag-n-mix generative mixer.

Then in 2004 we released miniMIXA, a 12 track generative mixing app for Windows Mobile & Symbian.

Both Koan X and miniMIXA have contributed ideas and approaches to Mixtikl, but Mixtikl has now evolved way beyond either, both in terms of scope and power.

From Vector Audio to Tweetable mixes

One of the fun things in Mixtikl is that you can save your custom creations (including customised sounds and FX) as shareable URL-based "mixtikls", a capability that draws on aspects of work on "vector audio" that we pioneered at SSEYO in 2000. If you want to, you can tweet, email & share your mixtikls, and they can even include your own short message / haiku / poem, visualizer settings and play-along instrument!

Magazine Reviews

Computer Music Magazine:

"There's no denying the musicality of Mixtikl's end results, which are really in a class of their own when it comes to generative music."

"As far as results go, you'll find it almost perfect"

"Mixtikl delivers the generative goods, and can in fact sound staggeringly good"

User Reviews

"Best App I own"; "the music creation app i have been looking for all my life!!!"

"Just. Buy. It"; "i love this thing"; "In my top 10 of music apps" "Excellent!!! I love it!!! 10*!!!"

"The best app of its kind"; "Mixtikl alone justifies the purchase of my IPad"

★★★★★ "Excellent!!! I love it!!! 10*!!! : I created a masterpiece on my first try & didnt even read the manual. This is AWESOME!!!." USA

★★★★★ "IOS 8 and AudioBus: this is the premier generative music app on the App Store, and a must have for all dedicated music dabblers." UK

★★★★★ "Such a Lovely Synth !: Highly inspiring once you begin to understand this synth ... Keep up the great work." USA

★★★★★ "HOS: musical antidote to every other synth and DAW I've ever used. Beyond Bravo to the creator." USA

★★★★ "the modular fx engine is cracking with character... this app has become my Xroads for all things looped or to be looped." Australia

★★★★ "Great program: If generative music composition is your field, this is THE iPad app, and the existence of a desktop version means that the learning curve is rewarded with, not just an app to use on the go, but a viable piece of desktop software too." USA

★★★★★ "Mixtikl: Great fun for a spare 5 minutes or a couple of hours. Works on so many levels." USA

★★★★★ "Really rather good: Needed a synth' in order to keep up with my son's music production ambitions and this one is bloody excellent. Quite complex at first, but over time, becomes very intuitive. With regard to price/performance; I challenge you to find better in this category."


★★★★★ "Composition Hound: Lovely application with terrific interface for the iPhone.... Best go to sleep music I've been able to create...for me, that's really saying something."


★★★★★ "A great app to use!: Love this app because for me it's a break from my other 2 favorite apps Beat Maker 2 and Xenon by way of creating sounds without having to play them out. Instead you adjust knobs and create real cool sounds on a somewhat complex but fun sequincing grid. This app will serve its purpose for me and others if your into ambient music score production, live stage performance, or for chopping and recording into a DAW like what I plan on doing. The best feature of Mixtiki that other music apps should start to utilize is that for Itouch users, whatever knob you want to adjust by touching it there is a crossbar that appears on the bottom which makes adjusting knobs easy for those who have big fingers, like me. 5 Stars and kudos to Intermorphic Ltd for releasing an awesome app. "


★★★★★ "Not just for ambients!: I've been hoping that someone would figure out a way to get something like Csound or Supercollider into iOS, and while this indeed different, Mixtikl is the closest thing to a computer music iOS app available, as far as I know. The app's modular synth/fx network is versatile, and unlike anything else I've seen or heard thus far on iOS. I've been consistently delighted and surprised with the sounds both 'beautiful' and 'ugly' that one can coax out of the thing. Arranging these sounds using the app's integrated generative music component "Noatikl" allows for an amazing amount of flexibility and experimentation, and I believe I'm barely beginning to grasp Noatikl's comprehensiveness."


★★★★★ "ambtastic!: Get the desktop version too. The real power is in making your own partikls."


★★★★★ "Excellent: For the amateur and pro of the mix, essential!"


★★★★★ "I think it will take me a lifetime to master this app - and that's praise, not criticism! :): Yes, this app is complex - packed with features, configurable to the extreme, and, at times, a little confusing. BUT... it is extremely simple to start generating music, and then start discovering its subtleties. Quite simply, I don't think I'll ever grow bored with Mixtikl. "


★★★★★ " Surprising update frequency: I am amazed how often this is updated. ... I use the OSX version as frequently or moreso than the iPad and frequently move mixes from desktop to iPad to iPod and back again. ... One of my favorite synth tools - period regardless of platform. "


★★★★★ " Amazing App: By far one of my favorite apps, bringing the mixing of my daw to my iPod with generative capabilities that my daw doesn't have. The Twitter function is so amazing that you can connect with other users and share right from the app, this is really an app that gets it right. With the new release of v4 there are so many new features, regular updates coming so often it is just gets better and better! "


★★★★★ " V.4 surprise update: This program is an ambient composers delight. For those that don't get it, well I just don't understand how you cannot, but if you are a knob tweaker, or sound designer, look no further. Learn it, live it, love it. "


★★★★★ " Ambient heaven: I've been dreaming of an app like this to create slowly evolving drone music. Simply wonderful. "


★★★★★ " Mixtikl:It is a true inspirational app that allows to focus on sound design and make relaxing nice music. It is magic to have it in the palm of your hand. Moreover the developpers continuously make the app with new nice features... "


★★★★★ "I'm in geek nirvana!: Mixtikl is one of those mind blowing deep apps, serious and seriously fun. It's so great the app store gives developers like this, who obviously love what they do, a platform. Quality. "


★★★★★ "Mixtiki: Just bought this today. I love the sound. As a regular korg ms20 user, which is brilliant, the mixtiki gives me another dimension to develop musical landscapes and simple tunes. Mixtiki is simple and intuitive - in 2 mins i had my first take track finished - And there is so much more to explore. It's a bargain - and I recommend the ims20 as well. "


★★★★★ "Was great before v3 ... Now brilliant!: If you have any interest in generative music this is a no-brainer, I can lose myself for hours in it. Each update has improved the UI and given the complexity it's pretty easy to understand. This is my most used music app by far and I've got a few ... "


★★★★★ "Sensational: " Having been a fan of ambient and generative music for over 30 years, I felt a burning desire to create like the masters; Eno, Budd, Shultze and the like. And then came Mixtikl... After 20 minutes of composition and playing around, I wept... This is without a doubt the most soulful, simple, sensational piece of software I have seen. I immediately purchased all of the extra paks. There is a technical learning curve to get the most out of it's interconnectivity, but having said that a child could start using it almost as soon as the download finishes. Any usage difficulties are but a small inconvenience compared to the spectacular soundscapes it can achieve with a minimum of fuss. If you like making nice sounds, or want to score a movie, or just about anything in between; this is an excellent place to start. I must stop here as I have to go back to playing with mixtikl...


★★★★★ "Great!: Easy to use and great results so far, recommended especially for anyone who has an interest in experimental and generative music. The creators have spent years developing the software and ideas behind this app and it really shows. "


★★★★★ "Glorious: I haven't even begun to scratch the surface in realising the full potential of this and have already been overjoyed with the results. Buy it without hesitation "


★★★★★ "Great app: I've been using this app on and off since its original release for iPhone, and I must say the developers must be praised for the continued effort to improve the app... Overall five stars for managing to balance the best of both worlds and for supporting the app and improving it so often! "


★★★★★ "my favorite application for musical idea generation!: Mixtikl alone justifies the purchase of my IPad."


★★★★★ "lovely I simply adore this app. It's really the music creation app i have been looking for all my life!!! "


★★★★★ "Magical! After 2 weeks, I'm still trying to figure out how this app works. But I'm not frustrated: I'm enchanted. This is an amazing achievement in code. Thank you! "


★★★★★ "Mixtikl, just got better...Again! For me Mixtikl is indispensable. Its loaded with possibilities, and the developer support is outstanding! The library of loops it started with are great for me as an ambient electronic recording artist. I mangle them pretty good, and they make for excellent additions to my compositions. "


★★★★★ "Absolutely awesome, but... This is a must have for songwriters and is the secret weapon in my arsenal. Would give this app 10 stars if it was allowed. Buy this app. "


★★★★★ "The best app of its kind. I'm a musician and i own several apps of this kind, but Mixtikl is the best. "


★★★★★ "Just. Buy. It.: In my first Mixtikl review, I spent a while scratching my head. Not any more. This new release is just fantastic. Tim and Pete have done themselves proud. Now you get out there and discover this piece of genius for yourselves. "


★★★★★ "Best App I own: I like this to the extent that I also purchased this Generative Music app for my MacBook. I am a professional composer/musician and this is a serious musical app. This app is not only simple, elegant and intuitive but also versatile and deep. Importantly, the developers are good people to deal with and interested in the needs of their customers. 1 happy customer."


★★★★★ "This one really is the real thing: I have to save my money and not keep buying other music apps. This one really is the only one I'm getting truly 'musical' results from. Get this one. Believe me, I've done the research. "


★★★★★ "Inspired Ambient and Generative Music App: For creating ambient landscapes or manipulating loops to create atmospheres, there isn't an application that can compare to Mixtikl. The bonus is that it's very easy to get started. It also has enough depth that'll let you customize and morph pieces in a multitude of ways."


★★★★★"Get This!: Great app! appreciate all the updates! "

downloaded1 - USA

★★★★★ " Unique music generator !: In my top 10 of music apps for iPad. Get it , sit back, and float away."


★★★★ " Great App For Ambient 'Scapes : I can't say enough good things about the sounds that come out of this apparently simple App. I've been following this company since the days of their Koan software (used by Brian Eno), and I have enjoyed fooling around with Noatikl, their generative music program. But Mixtikl is another planet."


★★★★★ "Magical,Creative......FUN!: This app. is just fantastic.I've been playing around with it for a little while now,and each time I do,it reveals another hidden layer. "


★★★★★ "Fantastic with new update: At the current price, it is a steal. Buy this app! "


★★★★★ "A different kind of music app: Way too cool! One can generate some incredibly relaxing mood music with this app. Lots of effects and mixing options really add to it. Very Eno-ish. "


★★★★★ "Extraordinary little app: A lot of fun and within a minute you can have your own generative music compositions running. No musical training or ability is required. "


★★★★ "So many possibilities : I've downloaded more music apps then I care to admit, but this one blew me away. There is a world of ambient possibilities at your fingertips. Still not as simple as something like Bloom, but far, far more versatile."


★★★★★ "And I thought it couldn't get better... : I have started teaching my friends and we all love it. All for absolutely free! I reccomend this app to anyone regardless of their skill in music. My thanks to you guys at Intermorphic."


★★★★★ "All Brian Eno : If you thought that the programs produced by Eno as Bloom were the best, you have not tried this yet!"


★★★★★ "Very Good: Fun and functional. Worthwhile."


★★★★★ "A little confusing, but once you know how, it: The best part is that "songs" can be composed in 140-character twitter messages, so there's always a zillion of them available. Just surf, listen, save. "


★★★★★ "SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!!: I have bought literally dozens of music applications from this site and consider "MIXTIKL" head and shoulders the BEST!!!!! BREAKING NEWS! Now with the MASSIVE upgrade, they've done the near impossible, by improving on the near PERFECT!!!!!!" "a veritable JOY to work with! TOP marks to the brothers for this MASTERPIECE!"


★★★★★ "Great! : Great app, very original.", "Definitely worth the money."


★★★★★ "Give yourself some time: The beauty of this program is that is becomes more usable and playable the more you delve into it. If you are at all creative, and dont mind taking a more hands on, yet hands off approach to your music, then this is definitely the program for you."


★★★★★ "i love this thing : Amazing sounds and versatility."


★★★★★ "Get some awe : I`ve just experienced lost time using Mixtikl on iPod, so I`d rate it as equally vast and deep. Mixtikl is a work of art in progress you need to stay with, and enjoy the updates as and when they arrive. You can make wondrous sounds very quickly with Mixtikl, then find yourself immersed in maximal complexity and sail past your tube stop."


★★★★★ "Great!: This app is fantastic! If you're familiar with music creation software you'll be making sublime ambient music within minutes."

★★★★★ "great work!: These guys participate in the forums, and respond quickly. Great work from Pete, et al."

  • A unique 12 track cell-sequencer, mixer, arranger & mix performance screen
  • Includes over 380 customisable generative music elements "parts" & 30 audio loop beats + 50 FX presets + 2 DLS files (General MIDI, GenMix1) + 6 high quality SF2 files (Drums Acoustic, Piano Upright, Piano Electric, Guitar 12-String, Synths, E-Perc)
  • Integral polyphonic MIDI DLS wavetable / modular synth ("PSE") for Mixtikl sounds / FX:
    • - Tone Generators (Oscillator, Particle, Dsynth, Wavetable)
    • - FX units (Chorus, Reverb, Filter, Distortion, ODrive, Delay, EQ, Compressor, Amp)
    • - FX control units (LFO, Envelope, Amp);
  • Editors to create / customise PSE synth sounds & FX (synth, cell, track, global) networks
  • Note sensitive visualiser screen that can display text & allows tap-play
  • Message & Display settings screen with many options, including word bank & jumble
  • Integral Noatikl generative music engine with editors for customising rules & params
  • Email*** / tweet your music mix files (*)
  • Auto time stretch & pitch shift Tiklpak content, plus change mix tempo & root settings
  • Set individual track volume & pans, global volume & solo / mute tracks
  • Play & record (live or mixdown) at up to CD quality (user configurable, device dependent)
  • Use your mix recordings (audio/MIDI) royalty free in videos, films, cds etc.**
  • Audiobus support
  • Copy / Paste audio files via Retronyms AudioCopy & AudioPaste + Apple General Pasteboard***
  • Transfer in/out loops, Paks, recordings (see supported Content Types) & mixes via iTunes App File Sharing***
  • Transfer in/out loops, Paks, recordings (see supported Content Types) & mixes via Mac Finder / Windows Explorer ****
  • Make mic audio recordings for use in local mixes (ext mic required if no internal mic)***

* For content to be heard in tweeted / emailed mixes it must be Mixtikl included content or a customisation thereof, and/or from an add-on Intermorphic Tiklpak that is installed on the listeners device.

** Refer to relevant EULAs / restrictions for any Tiklpak or 3rd party content used

*** iOS version only.

**** Android version only.

If you have Mixtikl installed, just tap just tap on one of the links below to load the mix into Mixtikl! Alternatively, check out the 44Khz recordings which are all approx 1 minute of a generative mix that can play for hours.

"Semaphore Crystal Ghost" [GenMix4 Pak, chill mix]: http://tinyurl.com/oujndve

"Shadow Horizon Radix" [GenMix5 Pak, beat mix (there is meant to be a lo-fi edge to this one!)]: http://tinyurl.com/k6u4lds

"The Momentum so Framed" [GenMix1 Pak, chill mix] : http://tinyurl.com/mjwcee9

"Lovely" [Atmospheric]: http://tinyurl.com/mx52jes

"Rollin" [Atmospheric]: http://tinyurl.com/knz79nm

"Gently" [Atmospheric]: http://tinyurl.com/ct2yvpc

Recorded mixtikls

Recordings Made by Others

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